Certifications -EN ISO 18001:2007

EN ISO 9001:2008 / EN ISO 14001:2004

Our company in 2008 has installed and implemented Quality Management System based on international recognized standard EN ISO 9001: 2008.

The implementation of standard EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System includes the methods, procedures, responsibilities and controls required, for consistent quality assurance in the ERGOROI SA activities, -in all its establishments-, to upgrade organization in order to fully satisfy client (and everyone participated in the process) expectations and requirements, regarding its operation.

Assessing the Quality Management System of ERGOROI SA became the accredited certification body «TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS», the most recent update of the certificate took place on 25.06.2014. The scope of the Quality Management System concerns the «BUILDINGS CONSTRUCTION, CIVIL ENGINEER’S TECHNICAL PROJECTS (ROAD CONSTRUCTIONS, BUILDING CONSTRUCTIONS, HYDRAULIC WORKS, HARBOUR WORKS, INDUSTRIAL & ENERGY PROJECTS), ELECTROMECHANICAL WORKS AND WATER & LIQUID, SOLID & GAS WASTE CLEANING AND TREATMENT WORKS“. This certification is essentially a company’s commitment to provide high quality services to its clients (ministries, prefectures, local government, municipalities, communities, and others), using high educated human resources, expertise and equipment.

In December 2016, ERGOROI SA has established in all facilities, Health Management system and Safety at Work, which is in compliance with the OHSAS 18001: 2007 / ELOT 1801: 2008, and also Environmental Management System, consistent with International Standard EN ISO 14001:2004. The systems are evaluated by QMSCERT organization.


DIATONOS SA  Certifications – EN ISO 14001:2004 

EN ISO 9001:2008  /  EN ISO 14001:2004